NHS Personnel enjoy newfound visibility, capability, and control in reserving meeting rooms, coaching spaces, and hot desks


Back in 2020, NHS England were introduced to DigPacks by Microsoft.  DigPacks are a Microsoft Gold Partner specialising in Power Platform Development and automation through Robotic Process Automation (RPA).  DigPacks built a revolutionary Asset Booking solution, which allows users to book any asset type – desks, meeting rooms, car park spaces and even showers, powered by Microsoft’s functionality.

The application harnesses Power Automate, Power Apps, and Power BI to deliver an integrated user experience.

Pioneered by the NHSmail Centre of Excellence, the Desk Booking App underwent rigorous testing through pilot programs with NHS Organisations such as Isle of Wight NHS Trust, Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust, and Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. With these pilots proving successful, the Desk Booking App received endorsement for widespread adoption. London North West University Healthcare was one of the  NHS organisations that enthusiastically embraced this free offering from DigPacks.

A Catalyst for Transformation: Steve Waudby’s Role

At the heart of this transformative journey was Steve Waudby, a distinguished Qualification Specialist. Steve’s multifaceted role encompasses both the role of a technology advocate and an indispensable Primary Local Administrator (PLA) for the Integrated Care Board (ICB).

Focused on optimising efficiency and fostering collaboration across four regions within Humber and North Yorkshire, Steve leads the empowerment of over 1000 users spanning diverse domains. His latest endeavour involved addressing the facility management needs of Yorkshire Place, a region that required a dynamic desk booking solution. Through his expertise, East Riding of Yorkshire Place was not only seamlessly onboarded but also expertly configured, and its personnel proficiently trained in the setup and utilisation of the DigPacks Asset booker app.

 The self-service nature of the app empowers individuals to explore available rooms and desks, enabling independent bookings, modifications, and cancellations. This empowerment translates to more informed decision-making.


The Asset Booker has been gifted to the NHS free of charge by Digpacks and the benefits reaped by East Riding of Yorkshire Place since implementing the DigPacks solution are transformative. Personnel, now enjoy newfound visibility, capability, and control in reserving meeting rooms, coaching spaces, and hot desks. This marks a departure from the historical approach that relied on administrative staff manually managing requests through spreadsheets and calendars, often involving manual data entry and email confirmations.

Users can seamlessly navigate the app, immediately discerning their required actions. The intuitive design ensures a seamless user experience.

Overcoming Challenges and Enabling Adaptation

Despite the remarkable success, there were minor challenges along the way. Managing disparate IT providers across different regions and dealing with Microsoft Power Apps restrictions in some organisations. Collaborating with the National Helpdesk effectively resolved these issues. Moreover, the provision of source code extends an invitation for organisations to tailor and enrich the solution according to their unique requirements.

The ICB’s Places plan to roll out the solution to additional buildings and regions, encompassing North Yorkshire and York

Join the Transformation

The Desk Booking App and other asset booking Apps are not limited to NHSmail users alone; the applications extend their benefits universally, even beyond the NHS ecosystem. The Desk Booking App and the associated source code are offered to all NHS organisations. Setup and configuration are streamlined through instructive videos, making adoption straightforward.

Discover the transformative potential of facility management through the Asset Booker app – follow the link below for more information on the NHS support site.