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A little about who we are

Do have a read, you will get to know about how we came up with our unusual name … 

We are DigPacks, your number one source for Microsoft Power Platform solutions.  We work with a number of NHS Trusts, Local Councils and Commercial sector clients as part of their digital transformation programmes providing consultancy services, internal development teams and support services.  

Founded in 2019, DigPacks has come a long way from where it all began.  Founders Bill and Sanjay formed DigPacks after spotting a gap in the market within the utilities industry. Together they developed a robotic process automation process which performed analysis of assets (fibre optic cables, water pipes etc.) running beneath the ground which ensured that excavation teams on site didn’t accidentally dig through expensive underground assets! The information was captured and collated in to an easy to read pack. That’s where the “dig” and “packs” comes from in our name 🙂

Since then, we have expanded the team due to the increase in demand for our solutions within the Microsoft Power Platform.

We are regularly featured by Microsoft within the Healthcare industry and we work closely with Microsoft as their Gold Partner.  What makes us unique in this industry is that we are dependable, flexible, responsive and value for money

What we do

We develop custom solutions according to your needs.  We work with you to fully understand your requirements, help you convert ideas into wireframes and then into impactful solutions.


Some examples of our work...

Referral Processing

Delivering RPA solutions through the use of Microsoft Power Automate Desktop for Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust:

  • 6000 referrals a year are received in to the Hub
  • It took 20 minutes to process a single referral manually
  • It now takes 3 minutes to process a referral by a robot
  • On average, 17 minutes are saved per referral
  • On average, 226 days a year saved through the use of automation

Asset booker

Features of the Asset booker:

  • Book any asset of your choice, including desks, meeting rooms, car park bays etc.
  • Book by any time period of your choice e.g. morning, afternoon, by the hour etc.
  • Upload custom floorplans
  • Set aside assets for social distancing
  • Reserve specific assets for specific people
  • Ensure specific assets can only be allocated after an approval process
  • Add building information, so staff know the latest news that may affect their visit
  • Manage your own appointments / book on behalf of others
  • Integrated in to Microsoft Teams

Vaccination Hub

Features of the Vaccination Hub:

  • Allow your staff to book themselves in for a Vaccination type – i.e. Flu, COVID, Boosters etc.
  • Set up multiple clinics/lanes at a specific location
  • Configure time intervals between appointments, to allow for cleaning of stations before the next patient
  • Configure rest breaks for clinicians
  • Easily view open clinics with availability
  • Allows the ability for patients to inform us that they have been vaccinated elsewhere / decline the vaccination
  • View your own vaccination history
  • Fully NIVS compliant

Application Hub

Features of the Application Hub:

  • Easily view all of your business applications
  • View a description of each application so that can ensure you are navigating to the correct application
  • View ratings of each application
  • Set up favourites so that your favourite applications always appear at the top
  • Completely customisable look and feel e.g. colours, logos etc.

Freedom of Information App

Features of the Freedom of Information Request App:

  • View all FOI Requests submitted electronically via Forms/Email in a single application
  • FOI Requests can be wordy and sometimes need to be split and assigned to various teams to work on, this application allows you to do so
  • Configurable 20 day SLA
  • Start/Stop a timer based on various scenarios i.e. waiting for payment/more information
  • Ability to extend FOI deadline
  • When FOI requests are received and assigned to a Microsoft Team, adaptive cards are sent to the relevant team to inform them of the new request requiring their input
  • Full audit history
  • Easily see and report on FOI requests that met / did not meet deadlines
  • Compliant with Information Commissioner’s Office standards (ICO)

Some of our customers...

... and many more

Proudly working with the NHS

Delivering Power Platform solutions to aid every business area within NHS Trusts.