Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust – Self Service Vaccination Hub


Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust


Power Apps (Canvas)




The Vaccination Hub, developed for Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, is a transformative solution facilitating the efficient logging and management of vaccinations for internal staff. Through the utilization of Power Apps (Canvas), this innovative platform automates the setup of clinic rooms and appointment slots while empowering users with self-management capabilities for appointment bookings.

Key Project Details:

  1. Easy Extensibility:
    The Vaccination Hub, initially designed for managing flu-based vaccinations, boasts easy extensibility to accommodate other vaccination types, such as Covid. This adaptability ensures long-term relevance and utility for the Trust.
  2. Over 10,000 Vaccinations:
    With over 10,000 vaccinations recorded and managed to date, the Vaccination Hub has proven its scalability and reliability. Its robust infrastructure positions it to effectively handle future increases in vaccination demands.
  3. Time Saving & User Experience:
    Since its deployment, the Vaccination Hub has delivered remarkable efficiency gains, reclaiming 100 days of effort for the Trust. Furthermore, it has significantly enhanced the user experience, streamlining processes and reducing administrative burdens.
  4. Unified View:
    The platform provides a unified view, enabling seamless data logging for individuals vaccinated elsewhere. This comprehensive perspective ensures that all vaccination-related details are readily accessible and centrally managed.


In conclusion, the Vaccination Hub has revolutionized vaccination management for Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. By automating processes, enhancing user experience, and providing a unified view of vaccination data, it has addressed the Trust’s needs efficiently and effectively. Moving forward, the platform’s extensibility ensures continued adaptability to evolving vaccination requirements, cementing its role as a vital tool in promoting public health and safety.