Microsoft Power Automate

What is Microsoft Power Automate?

Microsoft Power Automate is a Microsoft 365 cloud-based service that enables both technical and non-technical users to create logical flows of repeatable actions. These logical flows when deployed will save lots of time in repetitive work

Microsoft Power Automate can also interact with desktops and applications and can be programmed to mimic human actions. This is known as Robotic Process Automation or UI Flow.

Focus on more important tasks by training robotic process automation (RPA) software robots to perform tedious, repetitive, and manual ones

How DigPacks has used Power Automate...

Send emails

 We have used Power Automate to send company branded emails via a common piece of functionality – all that is required is to change the content of the email body and you are ready to go.

Link your Power Automate flow to your Power Apps. When someone has booked a vaccination appointment through our Power App, we send out a branded confirmation email with attachments so they have a record of their booking

Read data

Using Power Automate Desktop you can read the content of PDF files for example and categorise data based on content within the file.

Data transfer

Easily transfer data from one system to another using Power Automate Desktop and UI Flow (RPA).

There is absolutely no need to develop complex solutions to enable the communication between two dis-joined systems when RPA is the go-to answer.

Mimic repetitive actions

Use UI Flow to train your robot so that it carries out any repetitive actions for you.

An example of this being used is reading invoices from multiple suppliers and inputting this data in to a finance system.

Another use case is querying credit scores of suppliers and updating this information in SAP