Microsoft UI Flow (Robotic Process Automation)

What is RPA with Power Automate?

Power Automate already helps hundreds of thousands of organizations automate millions of processes every day. With the addition of RPA (Robotic Process Automation), Power Automate will help these organizations to also automate their legacy apps and manual processes through UI-based automation

Where we've implemented RPA - Safe Dig Packs.

It is a collection of documents that contain information about underground assets within a set of requested dig co-ordinates.

The following video demonstrates how we have used Robotic Process Automation to build Dig Packs for the Utilities Industry.

  • Points on a map are selected (dig locations)
  • These coordinates are sent to a robot to process
  • The robot finds all required maps within the supplied dig coorindates
  • a single PDF is built collating all the maps found.
  • The robot attaches an index sheet which highlights details of all assets found and whether there are any “danger to life” assets present underground, following thorough analysis of all maps.

So, why Robots? ... you face pressure from many sources

Organic Growth

Technology and process optimisation


Market Saturisation

Customer Expectations

Compliance and Regulation

Cost Pressures

New Technologies

Yet your core priorities stay the same

Increase revenue & lower costs

Improve customer satisfaction

Increase employee engagement

Reduce compliance risk

What can automation do for you?

Make decisions based on set rules

Seamlessly integrate with existing applications

Emulate a person by executing manual and repetitive tasks