Streamlining People Onboarding: A Case Study of HR Automation Implementation


Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust


Process Automation




Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, a prominent healthcare provider, sought solutions to streamline people onboarding processes through HR automation. Facing challenges with manual processes and limited visibility, the Trust aimed to enhance operational efficiency. With a significant volume of applications and lengthy manual handling times, the need for automation became imperative.

Key Project Details:

The project aimed to streamline people onboarding processes by leveraging HR automation, targeting reductions in manual handling times, improved visibility, and backlog elimination. Key details included:

  1. Manual Handling Time: Each new starter form demanded 35 minutes of manual processing.
  2. High Volume: The Trust encountered a large influx of applications annually, complicating manual processing.
  3. Limited Visibility: Existing systems lacked insight into applicant tracking and onboarding statuses, hampering effective management.

Automation Process Flow:

  1. Receive New Start Form: Submission of new starter forms electronically.
  2. Validate Details Against ESR: Cross-check submitted details against the Electronic Staff Record (ESR) system for accuracy.
  3. Populate Greenlight Details: Enter validated information into the Greenlight system, streamlining onboarding.
  4. Populate Trac Details: Input job-specific details into the Trac system, ensuring seamless integration and data consistency.
  5. Distribute New Start Trac Letter: Generate and dispatch automated welcome letters to new joiners, facilitating smooth onboarding experiences.

Automation Benefits:

  1. Time Saved: Implementation of automation significantly reduced average handling time (AHT), reallocating resources efficiently.
  2. Greater Visibility: End-to-end applicant tracking and onboarding status enhanced visibility, enabling informed decision-making.
  3. Backlog Elimination: Automation allowed for on-demand processing, eliminating backlogs and enhancing operational efficiency.
  4. Candidate Management: The automated system facilitated managing candidate lists, optimizing the recruitment process.


By embracing HR automation, Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust successfully streamlined people onboarding processes, reducing manual handling times, enhancing visibility, and optimizing candidate management. This implementation not only improved operational efficiency but also contributed to seamless onboarding experiences for new employees.

Streamlining People Onboarding: A Case Study of HR Automation Implementation