Daylight saving has affected all bookings

If your application has been affected by the British Summer Time (BST) change, causing all future bookings to display for the following day, please follow the steps below to resolve this issue.

Solution:  Build a very simple flow to automate the date & time to display to what was originally booked.

  1. Locate your installed application solution in Power Apps for Teams.
  2. Click on New > Cloud flow > Instant

  3. In the dialog box, give your flow a name, e.g. Fix Booking Date, then select the ‘Manually trigger a flow’ action and click Create.
  4. Click + New step and select Microsoft Dataverse.
    In the search box, type List rows and select the action.

  5. Under the Table name, either type and search for the following table: ASB_AssetBookings
    • Click on Show advanced settings
    • In the Filter rows section, copy and paste the following:
      cr2cc_bookeddatetime ge 2023-10-29T00:00:00Z

      This will filter for all bookings greater than or equal to 29 October 2023 (date of BST change in 2023 – at the time of writing).

  6. Click on + New step and select Microsoft Dataverse again.
    Search and select Update a row.

    Please note: you only need to fill in the following fields as specified and nothing else should be entered.

    • Table name: ASB_AssetBookings
    • Row ID: from the pop-up, under Dynamic content, select ASB_AssetBookings (Unique identifier for entity instances)

      By doing so, your action will be put inside  an Apply to each.

    • Expand the Update a row and scroll down until you find the field BookedDateTime.
    • Click in the field area, form the pop-up select Expression and paste in the following formula and click OK.


  7. Your flow should look like this.

  8. Click save along the top.

  9. To run the flow, click on Test from the top right, select the Manually option and then Save & Test from the bottom.

Depending on how many bookings exist in the database, it will take some time. Once completed, you should get a success notification.

PLEASE NOTE – once the flow has run, and you are satisfied with the outcome (check bookings in app), you can delete this flow if you wish.

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