Unable to add app to Teams

Are you facing errors when trying to add the Asset Booker application to Teams as per instructions on the installation guide?

If you are, please follow these steps as an alternative way to add the app to your Teams channel.

  1. Click on the Menu item ‘Apps’ from the left menu.
  1. Select the version you want to add to the Teams channel (most cases both). Please repeat the same stages for both versions.
  1. Once the app launches into Developers mode, please wait until you see the following screen. It may take some time for the app to fully load.

  2. Click on the ‘Teams‘ icon on the top right, as highlighted.
  1. Click ‘Next‘ on the publish dialog box.
  1.  Click on the ‘plus +‘ icon along the Channel you want to add the app to as a tab.

  2. Save and close.
  1. Now, click ‘Back‘ along the top toolbar to exit developers mode.
  1. Go to your Teams channel and check that a new tab has been created. If you notice there are two tabs, like the example here, you can right click on the tab and remove one.
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