Asset Booker Installation Guide


To install the DigPacks Asset Booker for your Teams environment, the following are required:
  1. A Teams environment (i.e. your chosen Microsoft Teams)
    • Be an ‘Owner’* as this provides greater read/write permissions when deploying the app.
    • URL of the designated Team
  2. You have the latest solution zip file of the Asset Booker application e.g. (version at time of publishing this guide 23 Oct 2023)  
  3. The URL of your company logo. This must be publicly accessible e.g.
  4. Primary colour according to your company branding e.g. #b61274 Or go to to choose a colour of your choice

User Account
It is recommended to designate an AAD User Account for this application, such as ‘Asset Booker,’ ‘Desk Booker,’ or ‘Admin.’

This ensures that all emails originating from the application will be sent from this designated user, rather than the person performing the installation.

If you do not already have a dedicated account, please create one, or contact your IT administrator to assist you in setting it up.

Example email showing designated User Account

Import and install Asset Booker

  1. Click on the Power App icon from the sidebar (you may have to click the ellipsis icon to see more)

  2. Click on the ‘Build’ tab from the top.

  3. Select ‘+ Create’ from the bottom left of the window and then choose your teams environment the app should be installed under.
  4. Click on the ‘Create’ button. If this is your first time creating an app under this environment, you may have to wait until the environment is prepared.
  5. Once the following screen is displayed, click on the ‘Build’ tab once again to exit this screen. (Please note, this screen may or may not appear).

    From the screen below, ensure you are in the correct Teams environment, and then click on ‘Import your solution’.

  6. A task-pane will appear on the right, click on ‘Browse’ and locate the solution zip file to import, then click ‘Next’.
  7. Leave all items selected and click ‘Next’. (This could take a few minutes).

  8. For the following part, you will be creating required connections to the services listed. Please follow the following step for each connection:

    Please note, Connections must be made with the same logged in user’s credentials – ideally the same AAD User Account that is assigned for this application.

    • Starting from the top, select the drop down and click on ‘+ New connection’ (if your name does not already exist in the list).
    • A browser or a tab will open and ask you to confirm to create the connection. Click on ‘Create’.

    • Once created, you can close the window/tab, go back, and click on ‘Refresh’.
    • Follow the same process until each connection has been selected with your user details.
  9. Click on ‘Import’.

    • Once the application has been imported and installed, you will see a green success notification along the top of the window (give a few minutes).

Installing application settings

Before running the app for the first time, we need to configure some of the settings first which is done through the following step.

* Please note, this step is ONLY required during the first installation of the Asset Booker app.

  1. From the screen with the success notification, click on ‘Build’ along the top, select the team you just installed the solution in and then See all.

  2. Click on the ‘Cloud flows’ tab from the menu on the left.
  3. You should now see the following screen.
    • Please take note of the ‘Status’ for the Cloud flows.
    • If they are Off, click the three dots and select ‘Turn on’.
    • Please only leave the ‘ASB-Scheduled-Export’ turned OFF.

  4. Click on the name of the flow (01. Install_Settings_Flow).

  5. Now click on ‘Run’ from the toolbar along the top, and then ‘Continue’.

    • Admin (required):
      Select a person from the People directory to make an Administrator.
      *Please note, you will be able to add more Admin users directly from the app later on, only add one person at this stage (Ideally yourself).
    • Teams URL (required):
      Paste the Teams URL (see Prerequisites)
    • Logo URL:
      Please paste in the URL of your company logo.
      If you do not have a logo url, ‘DigPacks’ logo will be used.
    • Primary Colour:
      Enter the HEX value of a primary colour for the app.
      Only enter the HEX value, without the ‘#’. e.g. go to to choose a colour of your choice
    • Trust/Organisation Name: If your organisation includes follow on text after your username, e.g: ‘Bill Irvine (Demo NHS Trust)’ and you do not want the (Demo NHS Trust)’ to appear on bookings, add that text you want to be replaced in the trust Name field. Eg: (Demo NHS Trust)
      Click ‘Run Flow’ and click ‘Done’.


  1. Please wait for the process to complete.
    To check progress, click the Refresh icon as indicated.

  2. Go back to ‘Cloud flows’ by selecting the title along the top.

    Click on the process User – Update User Table, make sure it is turned On and then click ▶️ Run (toolbar along the top).

    Please note: If your User count is 5000+, it could take longer for the process to finish.

  4. Click on the name of your ‘Team’ along the top to return.


Initialising application

Before the app can be made accessible to all members of the team, it needs to be added to a Team.

There are two versions of the app:

  • 🖥️ = Desktop version
  • 📱 = Mobile version

Please apply the following steps for both versions of the application.

  1. Select ‘Apps’, then click on the three dots and select ‘Add to Teams’.

Note: This is a required step in the installation process

Click on Advanced settings and enter in the below information as displayed in the screenshot, then click Add to Teams.

Name: Digpacks Ltd
MPN ID: 6275793

On the following screen, select the drop-down menu and click on ‘Add to a team’, then find the Team you installed this application in. Click on ‘Set up a tab’ button.

*Please note, you must ensure the same Team is selected as the installation for the app to work.

The application will launch and prompt you to click on ‘Allow’ to continue.

You will notice that the Asset Booker application now appears as a tab, which will be accessible by all your team members.


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