How to pin the app in the Teams toolbar

Would you like to pin the application for your users on the Teams toolbar?

Follow these steps to get your app pinned as displayed on the left.

Please note: You will require administrative rights for Teams to complete the following steps.

  1. Click on the Power App icon from the sidebar (you may have to click the ellipsis icon to see more)
  1. Click on the ‘Build’ tab from the top.
  2. Locate the environment your app is installed in and click See all
  1. Select ‘Apps’, then click on the three dots to select ‘Add to Teams’.
  1. Click on ‘Download app’ which should provide you with a zip file.
  1. Open a new internet browser tab/window and go to:
  2. Once in the admin dashboard:
    (a) Expand Teams apps
    (b) Click on Manage apps
    (c) Click on + Upload new app
    (d) Select Upload, locate the zip file you saved earlier and then upload.
  1. What you now need to do is create a new policy which includes the Asset Booker application. It is advisable to create a new policy as opposed to editing the org-wide default policy.From the left menu:
    (a) Expand Teams apps
    (b) Click on Setup policies
    (c) Click + Add (ensure you are in the ‘Manage policies’ tab)
  1. (a) Give your policy a name and description
    (b) Click on + Add apps
    (c) Search for the app and click Add
  2. Once added, you can drag the app to whichever position you want to place it.
  3. Once happy, click on Save.
  1. You now need to apply this new policy to the users in the Teams group which the Asset Booker is installed in.
    (a) Click on Group policy assignment
    (b) Click + Add
    (c) Search by typing the Teams group name (please note, this MUST be the teams where the application is installed in or he users must have access to the application)
    (d) Assign the policy created in Step 9 and click Apply and then  Confirm.

Depending on the number of users, it may take a while for the policy to be applied. You can check the status from the Activity log.

Note: Once the policy update is complete, users may need to clear cache/cookies if using a browser to access Teams or restart the desktop application.

Further reading could be found on Microsoft’s documentation.

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