How to apply patch updates

The following instructions will help you apply patch updates and not the whole solution.

When would this be useful?
From time to time, we may release patch fixes or enhancements which only require an update of certain elements (will be specified in release history), therefore not requiring an update of the whole solution.

Update Process

  1. Open ‘Power Apps’ in Teams and locate the environment where the application is installed. Click on the Teams environment from the list on the left, then click See all as highlighted below.

  2. Click on the Import option along the top and then Import solution.

  3. Browse to locate the installation file (which should be a zip file e.g. and then click Next.

  4. The list of items displayed will have everything selected by default. Deselect everything (click the checked icon along the top).

  5.  Scroll down and select ONLY the items that require updating and then click on Import.


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